Author: Legion Fx


“Did he ask about me?…”



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I think acting for me is about play. It’s about time, and it’s about feeling, like there’s a story to tell and I can tell it through my body and my voice. And I think Syd is exploring herself and exploring her body and her voice, and the closer she gets to anyone she feels like she loses a bit of herself. I don’t think that when I’m acting I feel like I lose myself to it, but that sense of losing, that sense of discomfort, well I guess maybe that comes a bit! It’s about redefining what uncomfortable means for you. I also think that once you define it that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. It’s evolving, it’s growing, it moves.


Where were we? Oh yeah, I was killing you.

Legion "Chapter 7"


Look, I know you’re just trying to help, but this just doesn’t for some reason feel real. 

Legion "Chapter 6"


What was real? That was the mission. We had seen things, heard things. But could we believe our eyes? Could David?

Legion "Chapter 4"


I’ve been a Chinese man, a 300 pound woman, a 5 year old girl. but everywhere I go, I’m me.

Legion “Chapter 3"


“We believe… myself and the people here… that you are a very powerful telepath.”


You got to get better, okay? So you can come home too.