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i’ve finally figured out what “it’s always blue” means

so the reviews for legion s3 dropped today and we learn that in s3, the blue glow is actually vapor that’s powered by david which in turns is what makes the members of the cult delirious and docile and it’s how he feeds off them. it has a hypnosis effect. it’s drugs basically. anyways, the significance of “it’s always blue” is not literal at all. it’s metaphorical. “it’s always blue” is in relation to suspension of belief.

when david asked lenny about the drugs going into the frog vapor, “why is it blue?” lenny said “it’s always blue.” and they proceeded to intake the drugs and get high and get lost. the vapor is always blue. that’s it. it’s not something you question. you are simply meant to give yourself to the surreality. “it’s always blue means” trust me, get lost in the dreamlike, don’t question what’s happening. give in.

the blue vapor david uses for his cult to intake is them giving their agency to the delirium of the drugs. david saying “it’s always blue” in the daisy chains teaser is probably what he repeats to his cult when they question what the glowing tubes are. “it’s always blue” being the name of the s2 cover album is essentially tellin us, the listeners and buyers, to let go and lend ourselves to the experience of the music sang on the album.

“it’s always blue” is simply a saying. it’s brilliant. it’s symbolic. and it eluded me for years but i’ve finally figured it out.




Divad (Haller) + looking at the camera three times.


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‘Legion’ cast posing for portraits during Day 1 of SDCC (2017)


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