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HOW HAS NO ONE GIFFED THE INFAMOUS "DADDY" SCENE?? Seriously, I can't find it anywhere! This is a travesty! :O

I’m going to assume you mean the first one where he’s all “thAt’S wHaT a DaDdY dOeS” right? Since there are several “daddy” moments throughout the season… let me know if I’m thinking of the wrong one!

Anon again! WILL THIS EVER SEND? Third time's the charm??? I didn't know Tumblr cut messages with that symbol! This is ridiculous! My last message had a joke about escaping Time Eaters and everything! Anyway, this is more out of principle than anything, now. I was wondering if you'd be willing to make a gifset series of David in every episode of s3? David Haller Daily was doing one for s1/2, but they stopped! It'd be really appreciated 🙂 Hope this gets through!

I finally got the message! I’m glad it was what I was suspecting!!

I can certainly do that!! Just season 3? Or would you also like the second half of season 2, since I see they haven’t giffed those yet either?

Hallo! ^_^ It's the anon from earlier

Okay I am like… 98% sure this message got eaten again, so I’m going to guess that you might have used the < symbol in your message. I know Tumblr tends to cut anything that comes after that symbol off in asks, because it’s stupid. Try again without using that!

hello darling! firstly, this blog is amazing

Oh my god the time eaters ate them before they could finish their message.

i hope this page never becomes inactive. legion is the only thing that matters to me and this page is more active than all of legion’s social media combined ha. thank you for your dedicated work.

I hope this page never becomes inactive either. I hope people don’t stop making gifs of Legion! Thanks for this. <3

hiiiiiiii please gif legion’s prof x. just his face. that perfect and handsome face! xD

“just his face.” HAHAHA. Here it is, anon! The lighting in these episodes are… atrocious and a hinderance to colour, so these are a few where they came out okay. Hope these are all right!

Thank you for the gifs, they are perfect!! 🙂

Thank YOU for enjoying the gifs! It means a lot!

Hello! Can i request some gifs of David and Farouk scene in the new episode?

Here’s one set, anon! If you’d like a specific part of it giffed (from “…” to “…”) just let me know! I particularly enjoyed that part of the conversation, so that’s what a giffed. :’)

🙂 can you gif david bringing up syd’s jealousy in 2×08 versus in 3×02?

hi, could you give something a little more specific? i don’t want to gif the wrong thing. (: do you mean the talk with clark in 2×08?

Can you gif and quote the interaction between Lenny and Switch where Lenny goes on and on about how she's more important to David than her?

Here it is, anon! 🙂 Hope this is all right!