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Aubrey Plaza as Lenny Busker | Legion | Season 3 | Episode 2

New Legion cast photos on the FX Networks website.


I have a way of dealing with situations where I come off awkward, or people think I’m purposely trying to make things uncomfortable. But normally I’m talking really slowly or there’s a lot of silence because there’s just nothing going on. I’m just totally freaking out, but from the outside perspective it looks like I’m in control.


So is that, like, you were dreaming you were a mountain climber and you jump off the bed onto the chair, and then the dresser? Like the guy who’s eating a giant marshmallow and then wakes up wondering what happened to his pillow, or? What’s the math?




I photographed Aubrey Plaza for this week’s issue of Time Magazine !

Photo: Signe Pierce

Assistants: Tayler Smith + Xan Violet

Location: Standard Hotel in Meatpacking District, NYC



When you improvise, you work off the laughs from the audience, but when you step on stage to do standup, it’s silent.