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Legion (2017 – ) Season 01 Episode 06 “Chapter 6” Directed by Hiro Murai


don’t give a newbie a bazooka and act surprised when she blows shit up.


Aubrey Plaza as Lenny Busker in Legion: Season 3.


I know. Boo-hoo. | Legion | 1×06 | 3×07


Legion FX Week @legionfxweek – Day Two: Shock!: Lenny was Benny

He had this friend, Benny.
You mean Lenny.
No, Benny. He was a pusher, I guess.
Wait. So, David’s friend, the one he did drugs with was a man.
Yeah, big guy. Smiled a lot, but not with his eyes.


Day 2: Shock!

Fauxlero is such a good scene, probably the one I’ve watched the most from the series honestly. The cinematography and acting PEAKS.


I was just wondering… What am I without you?


DAVID HALLER + demeaning other people’s trauma

2×11 / 3×05.

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But, look, if we do this, change the past, then I don’t know. Maybe you get her back. – Liar. | Legion | Season 3 | Episode 5

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