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AMAHL FAROUK crying in 2.11
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You read the stories. The women who marry serial killers and have six kids, meanwhile, he’s driving around Portland every night with a van full of duct tape. They have to know. Right? The wives, deep down. At least a feeling, something’s wrong. I know, with you. Now. Syd, I’m the good guy. He’s the monster.


Legion fx week – Day 3: Favorite song used

The entire ‘Behind blue eyes’ fight sequence was an out of body experience



Legionfx week: Day two- “Shock”


The fight scene shook me alright.


No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man,
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes.

For Legion FX Week, day 2 – SHOCK. Personally, the moment on the show that really blew my socks off was the Behind Blue Eyes musical number – so here’s a picture of Farouk in the style of that scene. 

This was mostly an excuse to practice writing Arabic characters – although I mostly wound up tracing them. I couldn’t find an Arabic-script version of the Farsi part of the song in the show, so I used this translation from LyricsTranslate. 

2×11 / 3×05.

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“He’s reached a point where he’s still looking out for himself but he sees himself in many ways as David’s father because he raised that boy. And there’s a certain amount of empathy he has for David and love he has for David.” — Noah Hawley

“Farouk is trying to redeem himself. He’s trying to save the world. It’s more about saving the world and also saving David. He really cares about David. [Farouk and Syd] both think that he’s going to destroy the world, but we have a different approach. My ego stands in my way, and I believe that I can beat him. I can control him. And Syd doesn’t believe that. She says that, ‘No, the only way we can save it is by killing him.’ I think the love that Farouk has for David is [to be trusted]; he’s truly trying to save his child.” — Navid Negahban


C H A P T E R  19 | LEGION (2017-2019)


I’m not like you. I don’t hide behind masks.
Everyone hides behind a mask.