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CHAPTER TEN. Human beings are the only animal that forms ideas about their world. We perceive it not through our bodies but through our minds. We must agree on what is real. Because of this, we are the only animal on Earth that goes mad.


2×02 / 3×05.


“He’s reached a point where he’s still looking out for himself but he sees himself in many ways as David’s father because he raised that boy. And there’s a certain amount of empathy he has for David and love he has for David.” — Noah Hawley

“Farouk is trying to redeem himself. He’s trying to save the world. It’s more about saving the world and also saving David. He really cares about David. [Farouk and Syd] both think that he’s going to destroy the world, but we have a different approach. My ego stands in my way, and I believe that I can beat him. I can control him. And Syd doesn’t believe that. She says that, ‘No, the only way we can save it is by killing him.’ I think the love that Farouk has for David is [to be trusted]; he’s truly trying to save his child.” — Navid Negahban


I’m tired of the boo-hoo. Do what you want. Take what you want. Gods make rules. They don’t follow them.


Endlich. Wir tanzen.


legion 2×02 // 3×02: cary loudermilk + spoon flicks

You’re how you were. In the past, before. Sweet.

I never thought I’d see you again like this. What, am I dead in the future? Wait, am I dead? It’s complicated. Good complicated?