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David: I’m not that guy anymore.
Shadow King-as-David: You’re wrong. Summerland may have dulled your killer instinct, but trust me, it’s still in you. It’s time to leave this place and reclaim your proper life.
David: No. Not without Syd and my friends.
Lenny: Ugh. Now who’s in a Lifetime movie?
Shadow King-as-David: Then I’ll be rid of you another way.

David: What?
Shadow King-as-David: “What?”
David: Who are you? You’re me?
Shadow King-as-David: “Who are you? You’re me?”
David: But how?
Shadow King-as-David: “But how?” Enough of the pleasantries. I’ve come from the astral plane to make sure you attack to that D3 Base. It’s essential to our future. You want to save your sister, idiot, so do it.

Shadow King-as-David: Hello, Syd.
Syd: Hello, Evil David.
Shadow King-as-David: What? How did you– ?
Syd: I know an evil doppelgänger when I see one.
Plus, your eyes are yellow.
Shadow King-as-David: Silence!
Syd: Are you here to kill David?
Shadow King-as-David: Oh, you non-evils are so naive. I’m here to save David from the smothering teat of his mutant buddy group.

Shadow King: They made Lame David too lame to leave Summerland. He’s got to attack that base.
Lenny: But how do we make him do that?
Shadow King: By turning the Mutants here against him so he’ll run screaming from this rancid cocoon into the welcoming arms of darkness.

Charles: And so I look at you, so self-reliant and well-adjusted, and I think maybe I did something right.
David: You did something right?
Charles: Well, let me say that different. Uh – the universe is a constantly expanding —
David: Stop. I get the impulse. It’s not gonna work here.
Charles: No, I just mean that we are defined by what happens to us, and me leaving seems to have made you independent, made you strong.
David: With all due respect, which is none, go to hell.

Charles: So, how about we make a couple of ground rules.
David: Actually, that sounds good. Okay, no hugs.
Charles: Wouldn’t want one. No apologies.
David: Wouldn’t accept one.

Melanie: Psychology tells us there are no accidents.
David: What about car accidents, Tara Reid, or the Hindenburg?

Syd: You may have noticed this morning, not so good at the small talk.
David: Yeah, I like big talk. What’s your deal?
Syd: That’s not small talk?
David: What’s your deal, and is God dead?