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Chapter 6 | Legion (2017–2019)


Love at first sight 

But here’s the thing. | Legion | Season 3 | Episode 6

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It’s so odd. I never thought of that. It’s hereditary. | Legion | 1×01 | 3×07

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@legionfxweek day 6

identity/relationship between body/mind: several studies about how mind and body are related and presented in the series.


You read the stories. The women who marry serial killers and have six kids, meanwhile, he’s driving around Portland every night with a van full of duct tape. They have to know. Right? The wives, deep down. At least a feeling, something’s wrong. I know, with you. Now. Syd, I’m the good guy. He’s the monster.


How do you..? I am time, I know all. 

What’s so funny? 


Legion FX Week Day Three Favorite Song Used: She’s a Rainbow

She comes in colors everywhere, she combs her hair, she’s like a rainbow.


Sydney Barrett in “Chapter 26″ of Legion